Bart Simpsons Channel

Dear valued visitor,

It is with great sadness - yet clarity - that I inform you that Simpsons Channel will today be closing its doors after 16 years of providing you with the latest news on the Simpsons website community and the show in general.

The website has seen a number of format changes over the years - launched in December 1997 by Brian Chen as a hub for categorising Simpsons websites by their best content, and in 2002, branching out to show news to compensate for the reduction in Simpsons fan-sites and community activity. Today, we join that dying breed. In today's fast-paced social media driven online world, it has become hard for myself to keep up with the latest news about a show entering its 25th year, but to also juggle priorities with family and professional life coming first.

I am lucky enough to have been working full-time in the web development field for the last five years in that my hobby since 1997 has become my profession - I get to do every day what I've been doing for the last 16 years. But without this website I wouldn't have the skills to get where I am today in communications, marketing, and website development.

The ongoing support of the devoted visitors and online community will never be forgotten, and I can assure you that this decision has not come lightly. Thanks to helpers past and present, Eric Wirtanen, Bob Honkisz, Brian Byrne, John Kraft, Steven Alcantar, and Rob Jacks for picking up the slack while I was being, well, slack.

It is unfortunate that the website didn't stay on top of its promise to be the number one source for Simpsons news right until the end. And ultimately, that was a major contributing factor to the website's closure.

For up-to-the-minute news and websites that are on the top of their game,
you really can't go past:

I would love once the show ends to re-launch my other website Last Exit To Springfield as a complete tribute to the show - though much of this content would need to be re-written and redeveloped - I'm unsure if I'll ever have the time to make this pipe dream a reality but at least you know my passion is still there, somewhere!

Until then,

Adam Wolf